DIY Tulle Bed Skirt

Tulle Bed Skirt

Girls will love this DIY tulle bed skirt! The sparkle and shine are the perfect finishing touch for fun, fashionable bedroom decor. Designed by KC of The Real Thing with the Coake Family.

  • Time Required:4 Hours
  • Difficulty Level:Intermediate
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Step-by-Step Instructions

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  • Step 1: Measure your bed or bed frame on the sides that need a bed skirt, including the length and the height.
  • Step 2: For each side of your bed that needs a bed skirt, double the length of your measurement to allow for gathering and multiply that number by 4 if you want 4 layers of tulle like used in the pictures. Add up the numbers for all the sides of your bed and divided by 36 to figure out how many yards of tulle you need. (For example, the bed is 76.5" long. Double that which is 153". Two sides need to be covered which equals 306" x 4 for all layers = 1224". Which divided by 36 is 34 yards of tulle.)
  • Step 3: Roll out the tulle to the length needed. Roll the additional layers on top of each other, keeping the top of the tulle even (the tulle on the roll makes this super easy!). Repeat for each side that needs a bed skirt.
  • Step 4: Cut the tulle to the height needed for your bed (+1” if sewing to fabric rather than using hook and loop tape). Do this by making a small cut then folding that cut over and cut from that rather than continuing to measure the full length of the tulle. It makes it faster to cut and since tulle will be somewhat uneven and fluffy anyway, there is no need to make things perfect.
  • Step 5: Pin, pin, pin! Tulle will easily get ruffled and messed up, so pin the layers a lot to keep them in place while working. Pin at 0.5" from the top to mark where you will need to sew your basting stitch.
  • Step 6: Sew a basting stitch (which is just a wide stitch with no back stitching) at 0.5" from the top across the full length of tulle.
  • Step 7: Gather your tulle. Do this by gently pulling on the threads just sewn. One of the threads on both sides will allow pulling and gathering. One of the threads will be stiff and not allow gathering. Don’t pull on that one. Check for final length as you gather. Stop when the tulle is the correct length.
  • Step 8: Sew the softer side of hook and loop to your gathered tulle. Be mindful of the tulle and gathers as you sew. It could be easy for the gathering to bunch up or get stuck together in this process. Just take a little extra time to make sure the gathers stay as pinned.
  • Step 9: Attach the adhesive hook and loop tape (the bumpy side) to the bed or bed frame with the bed skirt attached. Don’t move it for 24 hours to allow cure time.
  • Additional Note: If you are making a bed skirt for a traditional bed frame, you will want to place your 3 pieces of gathered tulle around 3 sides of plain white fabric that is cut to the size of the top of your bed frame after step 7. Pin and sew the tulle to the fabric using a 1" seam allowance. Or an inexpensive bed skirt in a matching color can be used and the gathered tulle sewn to the bed skirt.
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