Black Label by Offray

Introducing Black Label by Offray®. A new high-end, luxury ribbon program available exclusively at JOANN stores. Available in a wide variety of textures, widths, and colors. From Satin and Silk to Beads and Embroidery, these ribbons are perfect for home decorating projects, fashion accents, wedding décor, gift wrapping, and more. Scroll down to learn more or visit to order now.

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Georgette Ribbon Dusty Blue
Georgette Ribbon Portobello
Georgette Ribbon First Kiss


Georgine Ribbon Black Cherry
Georgine Ribbon Shale
Georgine Ribbon White

Georgette and Georgine are lightweight, plain weave polyester ribbons that have the look of hand dyed silk. What makes these ribbons unique is the color consistency. They are colorfast ribbons, so the dye will not bleed when wet, which makes them ideal for bridal bouquets! Woven to be light as air, these are the perfect ribbons to use for a relaxed, undone look. Georgette features an ombre print and is available in a 4-inch width in the colors Dusty Blue, First Kiss and 1-1/2-inch width in the color Portobello. Georgine features a floral print and is available in a 4-inch width in Black Cherry, Shale, and White. Both Georgette and Georgine are made in the USA.


Kenzo Ribbon Rose Gold
Kenzo Ribbon White
Kenzo Ribbon Chateau Rose
Kenzo Ribbon Black

Kenzo is heavyweight, luxury ribbon that is sure to stop anyone in their tracks. With an embroidered design and metallic accents, this high-end ribbon is a must-have! The 4-inch width is perfect for home decorating and craft projects. Kenzo is available in Rose Gold, White, Chateau Rose, and Black.


Beaded Ribbon Jaime White
Beaded Ribbon Noah Navy
Beaded Ribbon Elijah Silver
Beaded Ribbon Minos Dark Shale

Elijah is a beautiful wide-width ribbon with beaded paisley and floral details. Wide luxury ribbons are great for floral arrangements, candle features, home décor and more! This 4-inch wide ribbon is available in the following color options: White, Navy, Silver, and Dark Shale.


Avanette Ribbon Blue
Avanette Ribbon Black Gold
Avanette Ribbon Grey Gold

Avanette is a wide ribbon with detailed embroidery. This wired ribbon is great for fashion accents and home décor projects. Avanette is 4-inches wide and available in Blue, Black/Gold, and Grey/Gold.


Amalina Ribbon White
Amalina Ribbon Black
Amalina Ribbon Dusty Blue
Amalina Ribbon First Kiss
Amalina Ribbon Dark Shale
Amalina Ribbon Whisper

Amalina is a monofilament edged Double Face Satin stripe ribbon that incorporates a glistening sheer stripe to capture the light while bringing dimension to this stunning ribbon. This 2-1/2-inch wide ribbon is available in White, Black, Dusty Blue, First Kiss, Dark Shale, and Whisper. Amalina is made in the USA.

Emmaline & Babette

Emmaline Ribbon Pewter
Emmaline Ribbon Black
Babette Ribbon Dusty Blue
Babette Ribbon Rosewater
Babette Ribbon Navy
Babette Ribbon White

Emmaline and Babette have a luxurious, crushed velvet texture. These non-wired ribbons are great for fashion accents, home décor projects, and gift wrapping. Emmaline is 2-1/2-nches wide and available in Pewter and Black. Babette is 1-1/2-inches wide and available in First Kiss, Rosewater, Navy, and White.


Nandini Ribbon Silver Ice
Nandini Ribbon Black
Nandini Ribbon White
Nandini Ribbon Navy
Nandini Ribbon Chateau Rose
Nandini Ribbon Dark Shale
Nandini Ribbon Rose Gold

Our Nandini bias cut 100% silk ribbon is truly special. Texture abounds in this light and airy ribbon, making it perfect for special events. Whether it is trailing from a bridal bouquet or used as an accent on a centerpiece, this ribbon will elevate any creation from ordinary to extraordinary! This 2-inch wide ribbon is available in seven colors: Silver Ice, Black, White, Navy, Chateau Rose, Dark Shale, and Rose Gold.