4th Of July Kid's Craft

Stars and Stripes Windsock

Your kids will love creating this 4th of July craft! Featuring a patriotic theme, this windsock has stars and stripes, just like the American flag. Designed by KC of The Real Thing with the Coake Family.

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1: Remove the top and bottom from a clean and empty tin can.
  • Step 2: Paint the can blue with an indoor/outdoor paint. Allow to dry completely.
  • Step 3: Using a star stencil and white indoor/outdoor paint, paint stars onto your can. Use a dry brush, meaning a brush that has a small amount of paint on it so that the paint will not glop and seep under the stencil.
  • Step 4: Cut the Baker’s Twine in 18” lengths. You will need 3 per can.
  • Step 5: Place a dab of hot glue on the inside of the can near the top. Secure the twine in the glue.
  • Step 6: Repeat step 5 an additional 2 times to create a triangle of twine at the top of your can. You will use this to hang your can.
  • Step 7: Tie the twine at the top, leaving a loop with which to hang your windsock.
  • Step 8: Cut the Sparklet Red and White ribbon at random lengths about 12” long. You will need between 10 and 14 per can.
  • Step 9: Add a dab of glue near the bottom of the can and secure the Sparklet ribbon in the glue. Alternate red and white ribbon to simulate the stripes of the flag.
  • Step 10: Allow the glue to dry. Hang your windsock.

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