Spider Placemats

Make this quick and easy placemat perfect for the spooky holiday!

  • Time Required:1 - 2 hours
  • Difficulty Level:Beginners
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  • Step 1:Cut four 24” pieces of ribbon. Cut eight pieces of ribbon for each size, 2”, 3”, 4 ½”, and 6”.
  • Step 2:Cut a 15” x 15” piece of foamcore and draw straight lines from corner to corner and down both centers to start your web design. From the center about 1 ½” going out, draw 8 connected web lines for a total of four sets. Begin pinning on your long strips. Right side down.
  • Step 3:Start pinning on your smallest web circle ribbons.
  • Step 4:Continue down pinning on your ribbons.
  • Step 5:Finish your last row.
  • Step 6:Begin lifting and gluing your ribbons in place.
  • Step 7:Turn web around and trim end.

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