Using Ribbon to Hang a Shower Curtain

How To Use Ribbon to Hang a Shower Curtain

There's no time like the present to update the same-old shower curtain! This project doesn't require glue or sewing, just your imagination. Change colors as the seasons change or add a new accent color for a quick makeover.

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:If you can, remove the curtain rod from your shower. Often, rods are designed to be removed by twisting the two halves and pushing them together. If you can’t remove the rod, don’t worry. With a little bit more arm strength and a stool, you can still easily complete this project. To get started, you will need to measure about 24 inches of Grosgrain ribbon for each hole in the shower curtain. For this curtain, that meant cutting 12 pieces.
  • Step 2:Place each piece of your Grosgrain ribbon through each hole, making sure there is equal fabric on both sides of the curtain.
  • Step 3:Starting on one end, tie a small bow or knot. Be sure there is enough room in the loop to allow the rod to pass through, about three to four inches. Don’t worry about placement of the bow or knot just yet. NOTE: If working directly on the hanging rod, tie the bows onto it as you go, and skip to step five.
  • Step 4:Once all of the knots are finished, it’s time to thread the curtain rod through the loops. Make sure the curtain is secure, and hang the rod back up. Use the help of a friend or family member if your curtain is particularly heavy.
  • Step 5:This is the time when you get to play around. Adjust the bows or knots until they sit where they look the best. We put sleek knots at the bottom. You can also leave the ribbon ends loose, put the bow on top of the curtain rod, or do anything else that suits your tastes.

  • TIP 1:This works great for window curtains as well!
  • TIP 2:Try coordinating prints and patterns.

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