Santa Bow

Santa Christmas Bow

Personalize your Christmas gift wrapping this holiday season with these super cute Santa bows! All you need are some basic craft supplies and red double face satin Offray ribbon to complete this jolly Christmas craft.

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Take an 8 inch by 8 inch piece of black glitter paper and fold in half, glitter side in. Draw 2 boots on the paper making sure the tops of the boots are at the fold line. Cut out the boots, leaving the fold intact. Cut the paper boots at the fold line so you have 4 boots.
  • Step 2:Cut 4 pieces of fur, each 1-1/2 inch by 1-1/4 inch.
  • Step 3:Cut 2 pieces of black glitter paper, each 1 inch by 1-1/8 inch.
  • Step 4:Cut 2 pieces of gold glitter paper, 1-1/2 inch by 1-5/8 inch.
  • Step 5:Cut the red ribbon in half (into two 16 inch pieces) and make two 7 inch wide bows with 5 inch tails.
  • Step 6:Glue the white fur onto tops of each boot. Glue the boots onto bottom of the ribbon ends.
  • Step 7:Glue the black glitter pieces onto the center of the gold glitter pieces to complete the buckles. Glue the belt buckles onto the center of the bows.

  • TIP 1:Change the black boots to green glitter elf shoes to create Elf Bows!
  • 32 Inches of 1.5 Inch Wide Offray Double Face Satin Ribbon, Red
  • Faux Fur, White, Approximately 5 Inches by 5 Inches
  • Glitter Paper, Black and Gold
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue

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