Ruffle Ribbon Wreath

Ruffle Ribbon Wreath

Use your favorite color of Offray ribbon to create this pretty Ruffle Ribbon Wreath. Because this small wreath is lightweight and flat on the back, you can create a lovely grouping on a wall. Or add them to an existing gallery wall.

  • Time Required:45 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Follow along with the video on our Offray Ribbon YouTube Channel.
  • Step 2:Cut a wreath out of the cardboard. Measure the circumference of the wreath and multiple that by three. Cut four pieces of ribbon to that length.
  • Step 3:Place one piece of ribbon on top of another and sew along one edge with a basting stitch. Gently pull the thread to create ruffles along the entire length. Repeat with the other two pieces of ribbon.
  • Step 4:Using the glue gun, attach one ruffle around the entire length of the wreath. Layer the second ruffle on top.
  • Step 5:Glue various small ornaments onto the wreath. Add a length of coordinating sheer ribbon as a hanger.

  • TIP 1:Change the colors and embellishments to create Ruffle Wreaths that work with your everyday decor.

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