Rosette Wreath

Offray Teal Rosette Christmas Wreath

This DIY wreath is a wonderful way to add a personalized touch to your holiday decor! Create this wreath using beautiful Offray taffeta and satin ribbon, or include burlap for a rustic Christmas decoration.

  • Time Required: 1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
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  • Step 1: Start your wreath by using three floral pins to attach the end of the Love Knots Ribbon.
  • Step 2: Using the Love Knots ribbon, wrap around wreath form taking care to fold wired edges underneath to hide from showing. As you wrap, insert straight pins every two inches to hold in place. To hide the floral pins, insert in center of rosettes.
  • Step 3: Once wreath form is completely wrapped, cut your end and use three straight pins to attach.
  • Step 4: To create the ribbon hanger, cut 78 inches of the Double Face Satin ribbon in Cream.
  • Step 5: Fold strand in half. Using a ruler, at 9 inches from fold, tie a knot, which will create a 9 inch loop.
  • Step 6: Place knot at top of wreath so tails hang over either side of wreath form and temporarily pin to hold in place. Take the ribbon tails and tie to wreath form a second time. This creates your hanger and bow tails. Take the ends of your ribbon tails, fold and trim at an angle to create V shape.
  • Step 7: To create the main bow, take your cream ribbon still on the spool and in a 7 inch span fold to create two loops and pinch in middle. Keep creating increasingly larger loops behind the first two by looping and twisting holding all loops together between your thumb and forefinger until you have 10 loops total.
  • Step 8: Using a 36 inch piece of cream ribbon. tie loops together in center and knot faces backwards. Trim tail ends and hot glue bow to top of wreath.
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