Ribbon Cat Toy

Ribbon Cat Toy

Cats will love this colorful catnip-filled toy! You can use our colors or use narrow grosgrain colors and bakers twine that you already have on-hand.

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Intermediate
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  • Step 1:Draw or print out a 4 inch simple fish shape on a piece of paper. Cut out the fish. Place it on a folded piece of pink felt, pin and cut out. You will have 2 fish pieces. Repeat with the orange felt.
  • Step 2:Cut out 4 eyes from the white felt, about 1/2 inch in diameter. Cut out 4 eye centers from the black felt, about 1/4 inch in diameter.
  • Step 3:Glue or sew the black eye centers to the white eyes near the edge. Glue or sew the eyes to the heads of the fish.
  • Step 4:Cut the ribbons and twine into 1 yard pieces.
  • Step 5:Sew the fish together, stopping near the head to stuff with catnip and insert a ribbon end before sewing completely closed.
  • Step 6:Thread the bakers twine onto the needle and sew on a few pom poms. Repeat with other piece of twine.
  • Step 7:Use one of the turquoise ribbons to wrap the stick. Secure with glue.
  • Step 8:Gather the ends of all the ribbons and twine, varying the lengths. Tie onto one end of the stick. Use some glue to secure. Trim some of the ribbons, if needed.

  • TIP 1:Experiment with different colors and shapes!

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