Princess Hair Bow

Princess Hair Bow

Every little girl will feel like a princess in this sweet yellow hair bow! This project is a great way to use Offray’s Satin Ribbon Rose accessories to dress-up a simple hair bow.

  • Time Required:45 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:To begin, cut the yellow ribbon into three 7 inch pieces. For each piece of ribbon, glue the ends together then glue down to center with a slight twist. Be sure to use the glue sparingly so you will be able to gather the ribbon later.
  • Step 2:Glue the 3 pieces together in the center, placing the second and third pieces at angles to the first piece.
  • Step 3:Cut a 2 inch piece of yellow ribbon. Fold lengthwise and wrap around the center of the bow, pinching the three looped pieces together slightly. Secure with glue in the back.
  • Step 4:Glue the small satin ribbon rose to the center.
  • Step 5:Cut a piece of green ribbon to cover the alligator clip. To wrap the clip, apply glue to one end of the ribbon and glue to the underneath of the top side of the clip (with clip open). Close the clip and apply glue to top while pulling the ribbon over the end and press it onto the top of the clip. Continue gluing the ribbon to the pinching end of the clip.
  • Step 6:Glue the bow to the clip.

  • TIP 1:Try different color combinations to match different outfits!

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