Pretty Pastel Chokers

Pretty Pastel Chokers

These pretty pastel chokers are a sweet and simple DIY fashion project. Keep it casual or dress up your favorite outfit. With so many Offray ribbon colors to choose from, you can match almost any look.

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Measure your neck and subtract 1 inch. Cut a piece of ribbon to this measurement. This will be the ribbon for the choker. Cut a second piece of ribbon to 10 inches. This will be used to tie the bow.
  • Step 2:Cut all ribbon ends on an angle to fit through the bead.
  • Step 3:To create a simple bow with the 10 inch piece of ribbon, slide the end of the ribbon through the bead and pull the bead to the center of the ribbon.
  • Step 4:To make the loops, bring one end of the ribbon over and back through the bead. Bring the other ribbon end over and through the bead.
  • Step 5:Adjust the bow and trim ends to be the same length.
  • Step 6:Pull all of the ribbon making the bow tight to one side of the bead. Insert the choker ribbon through the bead behind the bow. Center the bow on the choker ribbon. Trim the ends of the choker to be straight across.
  • Step 7:Use the pliers to tightly secure the end caps on both ends of the choker.
  • Step 8:Add several jump rings to one end cap and a jump ring with lobster claw to the other end cap. Your pretty choker is now ready to wear!

  • TIP 1:Experiment with different ribbon colors and bead styles.

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