Loopy Pom Bow

Perfect Loopy Pom Bow

This perfect loopy pom bow makes a darling hair bow or a fun bow for gifts. The whimsical shape and colorful ribbon make it easy for you to customize your bow to match any color scheme!

  • Time Required:30 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Start by taking one of your ribbon colors and measuring out 4 inches in length. Hold this length between two fingers and wrap the ribbon around them 5 times to create 10 equal sections that are 4 inches each.
  • Step 2:Trim your ribbon tail and cut the ribbon at both fingers to create the individual 4 inch pieces.
  • Step 3:Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the remaining 3 colors of ribbon. You should be left with 10 pieces of ribbon in each color.
  • Step 4:Cut a 24 inch piece of coordinating thread. Thread it through your needle and pull it through until the needle rests at the middle of the thread. You should have a doubled piece of thread with the two ends meeting. Tie the two ends together to form a knot. This will keep the ribbon secured as you form the bow.
  • Step 5:Select a piece of your first ribbon color and fold the 4 inch piece in half to form a loop. Holding the two ends together, push the needle and thread through the two ends of ribbon. Slide the first loop down the thread so it does not get in the way of the next loops.
  • Step 6:Select your next color and repeat Step 5 with it. At this point, you will be stringing each color in the same way until you have used all 40 ribbon pieces. You can use a random or a pattern order when stringing the loops togther.
  • Step 7:Create your pom by sliding all the loops towards the knotted end of the thread. Sew the last loop to the first loop by pulling your needle through several times to make sure it is secured. Tie the thread off with a double knot and trim your thread.
  • Step 8:To make it easier to place on a gift or an alligator clip for your DIY hair bow collection, cut a small circle of felt and hot glue it to the bottom of your loopy pom bow where the ends of the loops meet.
  • Step 9:Flip your loopy pom bow over and use your fingers to fluff and position the loops into your desired shape. Now you have the perfect bow to match any outfit or gift. Top your next baby shower present with this adorable bow and get ready for compliments galore!

  • TIP 1:Change ribbon colors to match your specific occasion or season.
  • TIP 2:Experiment with different lengths and number of loops to create different size loopy pom bows.

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