Perfect Cheer Bow

How to Make the Perfect Cheer Bow

Get ready to be the talk of the squad with this DIY cheer bow which can be crafted in all different colors. This hair bow can be styled in a curly ponytail (as shown), with hair half up, with a bun, the sky’s the limit with all the right cheerleading bow supplies.

  • Time Required: 40 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
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  • Step 1: To begin, take your ruler or measuring tape and your Offray Double Face Satin Ribbon and lay them out next to each other. Using your marker, start at one end of the ribbon and make small, yet distinct, marks in the center every 6” down the length of the ribbon. You should end up having five dots.
  • Step 2: Fold your ribbon in half lengthwise. With the folded ribbon in one hand, you should see a dot right on the fold. Poke your pin through the center dot. Unfold your ribbon and lay it down on your work surface with the head of the pin face down and its point sticking up.
  • Step 3: Taking the end of one of the sides, bring it down and across the pin, lining it up with the next dot and forming a small loop. Stick the pin up through the dot.
  • Step 4: Repeat Step 3 by bringing over the other side and attaching it to the pin on top of the other fold. You should now have two small loops, one on either side, and two long tails facing downward. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 again, but this time you will be bringing the ribbon up and across, rather than down and across. You should now have four loops, one upper and one lower on both sides.
  • Step 5: Take your alligator clip and clamp it at the top of the bow making sure that you have each of the pieces secured. Remove the pin.
  • Step 6: With your piece of floral or craft wire in one hand and the bow in the other, carefully, but securely, begin to wrap the wire around the center of the bow where the clip is. Once you’ve gotten it wrapped a time or two, remove the clip and continue to wrap the wire, securing the bow and forming the loops as you go. Flip your bow onto its front side, where the tails come down in front, and tuck the small bit of extra wire behind the center.
  • Step 7: Now, it’s time to fancy up your bow with some decorative ribbon. Take your piece of silver ribbon and fold it lengthwise into thirds so that the edges are underneath.
  • Step 8: Flip your bow onto its back side and, using a small dot of hot glue, secure the small, raw edge of the Offray Luxe Ribbon in Silver onto the back of the center and wrap it around using hot glue beneath. Your silver ribbon folds should be underneath with only the glittery side showing.
  • Step 9: Flip your bow back to the front and examine it, making sure that the loops are even and the center is secured.
  • Step 10: To complete the look of a traditional cheerleading bow, it’s time to dovetail the two ends of the bow’s tails. Starting at the finished long edge of the tail and at the very end, cut up towards the bow and over to the folded edge of the tail at a 45 degree angle.
  • Step 11: As with any cheerleading hair accessory, you don’t want a cheer bow that is going to fall off. Firmly secure a large hair clip onto the back of the bow with a large strip of hot glue and hold until cool.

  • TIP 1: Mix and match prints in school colors for a fun unique look.
  • TIP 2: Don't be afraid to add appliques and glitter!
  • TIP 3: Modify directions to create different size cheer bows.

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