Perfect Accessory Bow

Perfect Accessory Bow

Embellish your handbag or briefcase with this Perfect Accessory Bow. Use your signature colors to create a personalized stripe pattern and finish the ends with decorative studs or gems. This is a simple way to create a fashion accessory unique to your style!

  • Time Required:30 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Intermediate
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  • Step 1:To begin, cut a 1 yard piece of each color ribbon.
  • Step 2:Sew the white ribbon on top of the green ribbon, overlapping 1/8 inch. Repeat by sewing the other side of the white ribbon over the navy with the same 1/8 inch overlap.
  • Step 3:Tie the ribbon into a perfect simple bow, making sure the front sides are showing on the loops and ends.
  • Step 4:Cut the ribbon ends to the desired length and heat seal the ends. Fold the ends under 1/4 inch and glue.
  • Step 5:Lay the bow on a flat surface. Glue the studs near the bottom edge of the ribbon. Allow to dry completely.
  • Step 6:Feed the key ring through the back of the bow’s knot and attach to your handbag or briefcase.

  • TIP 1:Try adding a small initial charm to the bow to personalize.

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