Patriotic Picnic

Patriotic Picnic

Decorating for your next picnic is made ten times easier just by tying some ribbon onto pretty things you already have; no glue, sweat or tears required! Amp up your table decorations with these simple ideas today and see how easy it is to take your holiday tablescapes from drab to fab.

  • Time Required:30 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:To make the burlap table runner, lay out the 18” Offray Burlap over your table and trim to desired length. Make small folds across the 18” width of the burlap and cut small slits no bigger than one inch across.
  • Step 2:Repeat Step 1 across the entire 18" width of your burlap on both ends. Make sure to keep your slits even as you go across and to give yourself at least a ½” of space from the bottom of the burlap’s edge to the slit.
  • Step 3:Take your first ribbon and cut a 2 foot long piece. Fold it in half and feed the folded edge through your first slit starting underneath and pulling it up through to the top side. Grab the ends of your ribbon tails and feed them through the loop sticking out. Pull those through tightly until it forms a knot around the burlap’s edge.
  • Step 4:Figure out the pattern of ribbon you want to use and then repeat Step 3 with each of your ribbons until you’ve covered the entire bottom width of the burlap runner. Repeat on the other side keeping the pattern the same on burlap ends.
  • Step 5:For the Utensil Bundles, wrap each set of utensils in a coordinating napkin. Tie each bundle with a piece of matching ribbon. Experiment with simple knots and bows. Display in a pail or basket.
  • Step 6:Decorate jars or small vases with pieces of patriotic ribbon and burlap. No need for glue, just tie in a simple bow or knot. Use the jars as a centerpiece and fill with flowers, candles, or flags.

  • TIP 1:Mix and match different ribbon patterns in red, white and blue colors.
  • TIP 2:Change colors for all these projects to match a baby shower or birthday party theme.

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