Mother's Day Corsage

Mother's Day Corsage

Mom will love this beautiful corsage to wear on her special day! Be sure to use her favorite colors!

  • Time Required:1 to 2 Hours
  • Difficulty Level:Intermediate
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  • Step 1:To begin, cut 8 inches of the jute cord and wrap the ends with some clear tape.
  • Step 2:Cut two pieces of the teal ribbon: one 1 yard piece and one 18 inch piece.
  • Step 3:Using the 1 yard piece of ribbon, bend one end of the jute over 1 inch and slip the ribbon through the hole, leaving 10 inches hanging from the end. Wrap the long end of the ribbon around the tape and end of the jute a few times. Use some hot glue to secure before continuing to wrap the ribbon around the length of the jute; leaving some jute showing as you go. As you near the other end, fold the jute up 1 inch and wrap the end a few times. Secure with glue on the final wrap. Slip the ribbon through the loop at the end and trim 10 inches from the end of the jute. Bend to form a circular shape.
  • Step 4:Decide on a design for the flowers. Cut small sections of greens and flowers for each side, wrap with ribbon and secure with glue. Wrap a bunch of flowers for the center with ribbon.
  • Step 5:Using the 18 inch piece of ribbon, make 2 loops and glue them 1 inch from the center of the bracelet, leaving the extra ribbon to wrap. On one side, glue one bunch of the flowers and wrap a few times with the ribbon. Make 2 more loops and secure to the other side with glue then flowers to that side. Wrap a few times then cut and glue the ribbon to center. Glue on the center bunch of flowers.
  • Step 6:Tie onto your mom’s wrist!

  • TIP 1:To add a little sparkle, glue small gems to the ribbon.

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