Mason Jar Vase for Wedding Chairs

Mason Jar Vase for Wedding Chairs

These mason jar hanging vases are so simple and pretty! Tie them on to the side of your wedding chairs with satin ribbon to create a beautiful aisle!

  • Time Required:15 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Cut a 3-1/2 yard piece of ribbon for each mason jar vase you plan to make.
  • Step 2:Position the jar at the center of the ribbon. Tie a knot around the top of the mason jar. Make sure the ribbon is under the lip of the jar so it doesn’t slip off.
  • Step 3:Tie the ends of the ribbon onto the top of the chair, tie a knot and then tie into a bow. Trim the ends of the ribbon on an angle at the desired length.
  • Step 4:Add water and flowers to the jars!

  • TIP 1:If you have an accent color, try using a 3/8 inch wide ribbon in that color and layer it on top of the wider ribbon.

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Double Face Satin

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