Magnetic Wreath

Magnetic Wreath

Wrapped in bold stripe and solid color ribbons, these cute wreaths will brighten up any locker, refrigerator or metal surface!

  • Time Required:45 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Hold the end or pin your ribbon at a diagonal to the back of the wreath form. Begin wrapping the ribbon around the wreath. Overlap the ribbon slightly as you go along.
  • Step 2:Once the wreath form is completely covered, glue the end of the ribbon onto the back of the wreath to secure.
  • Step 3:Cut apart the succulents. Arrange onto your wreath and glue in place.
  • Step 4:Glue two magnets onto the back of your finished wreath. Allow the glue to dry. Test on an upright metal surface to make sure the wreath stays in place. If not, add another magnent.

  • TIP 1:Try adding felt flowers or decorative buttons for a different look!

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