Knotted Ribbon Belt

Knotted Ribbon Belt

Create this knotted ribbon belt to dress-up your favorite pair of jeans! The luster of satin ribbon is a pretty contrast to denim. This belt is so easy, you can make one in every color!

  • Time Required:30 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Follow along with the video on our Offray Ribbon YouTube Channel.
  • Step 2:Measure your waist and multiple that length by three. Cut two pieces of ribbon to that length.
  • Step 3:Fold the ribbons in half and attach to the center of the slide by feeding the ends through the loop created by the fold in the center of the ribbon. Do this individually so the ribbons are side-by-side on the slide.
  • Step 4:Secure the slide to a piece of foam core board with a pin.
  • Step 5:Separate the ribbons on the left and the right from the two in the center. You will be using the two ribbons on the outside to tie knots around the two in the center.
  • Step 6:Take the ribbon on the left and create a 4 shape by laying it across the center ribbons. Bring the ribbon on the right over the left ribbon, under the two center ribbons, and through the loop on the left. Pull both outside ribbons tight to complete the knot.
  • Step 7:Repeat these steps on the opposite side. Continue alternating knots until you’ve reached the ends of the ribbons.
  • Step 8:Trim the ribbon ends and fold the leather piece in half. Tuck the ribbon ends inside and glue together.
  • Step 9:Your new knotted belt is ready to wear!

  • TIP 1:Try with different types of ribbon for a change in texture.

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