Heart Banner

Heart Banner

This sweet Heart Banner is colorful, fun, and so easy to make! Hang it in a doorway, across a window or from a mantel for Valentine's Day.

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Download any free printable for conversation hearts. Print out 7 hearts onto assorted colors of card stock. Cut out each heart and punch a hole on either side of the heart near the top.
  • Step 2:Cut two pieces of ribbon to 20 inches each. Thread the ribbon through the hole on the left side of the heart. Tie the ends together in a bow. Slide the bow over close to the heart.
  • Step 3:Cut six 10 inch pieces of ribbon. Thread one piece through the hole on the right side of the heart and attach to the next heart by threading it through the hole on the left side of that heart. Tie a bow and trim the ribbon ends.
  • Step 4:Continue adding hearts with the 10 inch pieces of ribbon.
  • Step 5:When you get to the last heart, attach the other 20 inch piece of ribbon in the same manner as above. Slide the bow close to the heart.

  • TIP 1:Print out more hearts if you need a longer banner

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