Firecracker Hair Clip

Firecracker Hair Clip

Make this cute Firecracker Hair Clip to celebrate America’s Birthday!

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:Cut two pieces of the yellow ribbon to 1-1/2 inches long. Heat seal the ends.
  • Step 2:Cut each piece vertically into 3 even strips.
  • Step 3:Curl each strip by holding a lighter flame close to (but not touching) the ribbon until it bends.
  • Step 4:Glue three pieces together. Repeat the process with the other pieces to create two flames.
  • Step 5:Cut two pieces of the Starry Stripe ribbon to 7 inches long. Heat seal the ends.
  • Step 6:Lay the ribbon flat with the right side facing down. Place a flame at the edge on the left side of the ribbon so that it is sticking up 3/4 inches and glue in place.
  • Step 7:Pick the ribbon up and starting from the end with the flame, roll up the ribbon keeping it neat and tight. When you reach the end of the ribbon, glue down the end in place. Repeat to make the other firecracker.
  • Step 8:Cut a piece of blue ribbon long enough to wrap the hair clip. Apply glue to one end of the ribbon and glue to the underneath of the top side of clip, with the clip open. Close the clip and apply glue to the top while pulling the ribbon over the end and press it onto the top of the clip. Continue gluing the ribbon to the pinching end of the clip.
  • Step 9:Glue the firecrackers on to the hair clip.

  • TIP 1:Turn these cute little firecrackers into pins or earrings too!

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