Feather Bookmarks

Feather Bookmarks

The school year is almost upon us! Hold your place with style with these colorful felt feather bookmarks!

  • Time Required:45 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:This project makes two feather bookmarks.
  • Step 2:Trace or print out two feathers on paper. Make one 4 inches tall and the other 3 inches tall. Cut out the feathers.
  • Step 3:Fold a piece of felt in half. Place one feather on the felt and trace with a pencil. Repeat with the other feather on a coordinating color of felt. Then repeat with both feathers on the other two colors of felt so you have 4 feathers.
  • Step 4:Cut one piece of ribbon in each color to 16 inches.
  • Step 5:Pin the felt to keep both sides together and sew down the center from the top (slipping in and attaching the ribbon at bottom). Continue sewing the felt 1/8 inch inside the guide all the way around, making notches as you go (see photo). Repeat for the other feathers, adding the ribbon.
  • Step 6:Carefully cut out the notch details in the feathers for a more finished look.

  • TIP 1:Get a jump on holiday gifts by creating bookmarks with holiday shapes!

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