Herb Wreath with Bow Tie

DIY Table Decor Herb Wreath with Ribbon Bow Tie

Add a natural touch to your holiday table decor with these mini wreaths! This easy holiday craft uses real herbs like oregano and rosemary with Offray satin ribbon and twine to create a chic, rustic holiday decoration in 5 simple steps. Get creative and choose different ribbon colors and bow styles to create a variety of holiday decorations to adorn your table!

  • Time Required:1.5 Hours
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1:The wreaths work best with herb sprigs that are at least 12 inches long. If yours are too short, just keep them straight and add a bow tie.
  • Step 2:Cut pieces of ribbon to 7 inches long. Add a small amount of glue to one end. Attach it to the other end, overlapping about 1 inch, and press to create a loop.
  • Step 3:Cut a 12 inch piece of twine for each bow tie. Pinch the loop together with the overlapping ends in the back. Pinch the middle together and tie with the twine knotted in the back. Wrap the ends of the twine around the middle in opposite directions 2 or 3 times and tie in a knot in the back. Leave the ends long.
  • Step 4:To create the wreath, carefully form the herb sprig into a circle. This works best if the herbs are slightly damp. Tie the ends together with a short piece of twine. Knot in the back and cut the ends close to the knot.
  • Step 5:Use the twine on the bow tie to tie it onto the wreath. Knot in the back and cut off the ends. Shape the bow as desired. Repeat for all your place settings.

  • TIP 1:Make the bow ties ahead of time and add to the wreaths just in time to set the table.
  • TIP 2:Keep the herbs cool until they go onto the table.

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