DIY Ribbon Wands for Kids

DIY Ribbon Wands

These easy DIY wands are perfect for the summer! Your children will love twirling them around in the air. In addition to play at home, they make great party favors. Designed by Ginger of Ginger Snap Crafts.

  • Time Required:30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level:Beginner
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  • Step 1: Cut the wooden dowel into 12 inch pieces.
  • Step 2: Paint the wooden dowels and let dry.
  • Step 3: Screw one screw eye onto the end of each dowel.
  • Step 4: Cut a long piece of Offray ribbon. 8 feet is the suggested length.
  • Step 5: String the piece of Offray ribbon through the eyelet & tie a knot. Try to tie the knot right in the middle of the ribbon.
  • Step 6: Repeat these steps for each additional DIY ribbon wand you wish to make.
  • Offray Stripes Ribbon, Blue
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Screw Eyes
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors
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