Ribbon Gothic Collar

DIY Halloween Costume Gothic Ribbon Choker

Make an eerie fashion statement with this Halloween craft tutorial. Use Offray satin and lace ribbons to create a stylish gothic collar that transforms any outfit into a quick and easy Halloween costume.

  • Time Required:1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level:Intermediate
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  • Step 1:Cut a length of the 1-1/2 inch ribbon three times your neck size. Starting at the center point of the ribbon, make 1/2 inch pleats, leaving a 1 inch tail on either end. Machine or hand sew in place using matching thread.
  • Step 2:Cut a 12 inch piece of the lace in half lengthwise to create two 3 inch x 12 inch pieces. Cut four 12 inch pieces of the decorative trim/braid. Glue the decorative trim to the outer edges of both pieces of lace.
  • Step 3:Cut an 11 inch piece of the 7/8 inch ribbon. Fold in half to create a loop. Baste loose ends together.
  • Step 4:Cut a 19 inch piece of the 2-1/4 inch ribbon and fold in half. Sew a 1/2 inch seam, creating a loop.
  • Step 5:Turn right side out, matching the back seam to the center of the ribbon. Gather at the center and hand sew in place to create a bow.
  • Step 6:Find the center of the pleated neck band. Cut a 19 inch length of the 2-1/4 ribbon. Fold in half and gather at the center fold. Sew onto the neck band at the center mark to create tails. Cut the loose ends at an angle. Fold the lace panels in half. Gather the loose ends and sew in place. Attach the lace loops over the ribbon tails. Sew in place. Sew the 7/8 inch loop over the lace loops. Sew the wide bow from step 5 onto the neck collar assembly as shown. Attach the metal embellishment with matching thread.
  • Step 7:Determine the correct length for the collar and sew the closures to the neck collar ends as shown.

  • TIP 1:Get creative with colors and materials to change the look of this Gothic Collar.

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