DIY Table Runner

Burlap Table Runner

Featuring pink ribbon, burlap and lace, this table runner will have you feeling sweet for Valentine’s Day. Use it decorate a table at home, or as part of your décor for a special Valentine’s Day event!

  • Time Required:2 Hours
  • Difficulty Level:Intermediate

Step-by-Step Instructions

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  • Step 1: Cover work surface.
  • Step 2: Cut 18” wide Burly the length desired for table runner. Cut the same length of checked Burly and two lengths each of satin ribbon and lace.
  • Step 3: Trace bird pattern on sponges (one left, one right). Cut out with heavy scissors. Spread paint on palette and apply heavily to sponge. Sponge paint birds randomly on Burley table runner. Let dry.
  • Step 4: Glue pink checked burlap ribbon down center of table runner matching edges. Thread satin ribbon through lace. Glue lace over edge of checked ribbon.
  • Step 5: Turn edges under on table runner if desired and glue. The end can also be finished with lace or overcast on a sewing machine.

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