Mailbox Garland

Bow Genius™ Mailbox DIY Christmas Garland

Make sure all of your holiday mail is received in festive fashion with this DIY garland craft project! Change up the Offray ribbon every few months for a rustic seasonal decoration!

  • Time Required: 1 Hour
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
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  • Step 1: To make your Mailbox Bow, place your Bow Genius bow maker on a sturdy surface and extend the arms. Cut 10 inches of wire and push it into the middle of the tower so it is vertical to the machine.
  • Step 2: Start with your Offray ribbon. Using the ruler on the Bow Genius, decide how long you wish the bow tails to be. You can make them longer than you need and cut them shorter later. Put it to the side of the machine. Starting where the tail length begins, squeeze the ribbon between the arms horizontally, right side (colorful side) down.
  • Step 3: Using the ruler again, make a loop to the desired length. Twist the material and squeeze it down the middle of the tower. To do this right, make sure the right side is up for the completed loop and the wrong side is up for the unfinished loop on the other side. Keep making loops until you’ve reached three or four on each side. Trim the tail length.
  • Step 4: Take your Offray Buttercream ribbon and follow steps 2 through 3 again right on top of the bow you’ve already started. This time, make your loops shorter as you go. Trim the tail to your desired length.
  • Step 5: Gently pull up on the wire and make a small twist to secure the décor bow. Pull the entire bow out of the machine. Wrap the extra wire around the center, twisting a few times in the back to keep it fastened. Fluff bow loops.
  • Step 6: Now, take the garland and begin bending it to make foot-long strips. Leave approximately 10 inches on the top on both sides. Wrap the arms once around the top of the folded garland to secure it. Bend the parts until it reaches your desired fullness. Add your bow using the extra length of wire on the back.
  • Step 7: Now, add any extra decorative accents and attach to mailbox!

  • TIP 1: Use small Christmas decorations to accent the piece.
  • TIP 2: Fresh pine branches can be affixed using wire for a more natural look.

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